MoENR/HRD-3/2023/29 2023-01-24
The Ministry of Economic Affairs is pleased to announce the availibality of the vacancy for eligible in-service civil servants.
SI No Position Title Position Level Slot Super Structure Minimum Qualification Required Place of Posting
1 Registrar P1 A 1 Multiple Entry PGDNL/PGDPA/PGDFM Office of the Registrar of Companies, Secretariat

Interested in-service candidates who meet the eligibility criteria as per BCSR 2018 (Chapter 14 for lateral transfer and chapter 13 for open competition) may apply to the Human Resource Division, MoEA via this link on or before, 2023-02-07 with the following documents:
  • 1. Application with contact number and email
  • 2. Curriculum Vitae(ZESt) verified by HRD.
  • 3. Copies of relevant training transcript
  • 4.Last Promotion Order
  • 5.Valid Security Clearance Certificate
  • 6.Audit Clearance Certificate
  • 7.Moderation score for last 2 years(for in-service)

  • Applicant with relevant qualification/training and work experience shall be given preference for the purpose of shortlisting .The selected candidate shall be required to submit No Objection Certificate endorsed by the HRC of the Parent/Working Agency. For further enquiries, kindly contact the focal Human Resource Officer at 02-335041/325742/322159/323101/336748/ during office hours.

Human Resources Devision